Design Week Portland

In 2013 I joined the Design Week Portland design team to create a brand pattern for the event's identity and designed the printed event program.

Event Program

I worked with a team of copywriters, editors, creative director, and Scout Books to produce the first printed event program. In 2014 I rejoined the group to take on the second edition of the printed event program, featuring over 140 events.


I collaborated with my Alex DeSpain to create the brand's pattern, inspired by the energy in sport brand systems we created a dynamic pattern that was used in print materials and environmental design.

  • Deliverables:
  • Pattern
  • Print Layout

Portland is a city of design and for design, unique in its approach to defining place, culture, and attitude. Design Week Portland celebrates design as our city’s most promising cultural and economic resource. Our purpose is to explore process, craft, and practice across disciplines through our city’s vibrant design programming.